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Rockwater`s Show Must Go On
Name: CH Rockwater`s Show Must Go On Sex: Female Date of birth: 03.11.2015 Body Color: Black Eye Color: left brown right brown Trim Color: White / Copper Tail Lenght: NBT Sire: Snowbelt's American Outlaw DNA-VP Dam: CH Moon Rise Passion For Fame DNA-VP PRA: frei MDR: +/- HD: A2 ED: Grad 0 OCD frei HSF4: frei CEA: frei PCR: n/n NCL: n/n MH: n/n
© 2018 Rockwater Australian Shepherd
Rockwater Australian Shepherd
Leyas Showerfolge: ASCDe.V Conformation Show Dettelbach 19.03.2016 1. Platz 4-6 Monate und Best of Breed Puppy (BOBp)